Lirik Thirteen – Cherry Petite Raspberry

Sins Flow Without Sane
Discover Her In Pain

Ice Cream In Bed
Have A Sex Ahead
The More She Pled
Oh Yes She Said

Touch And Kiss
Love And Lust
Pain And Bliss

I Will Kiss You
I Will Fuck You

I Watch Her Sleep
Touch Her Around
I Strip Her Down
And Rip Her Skirt

I’ll Show You How Tonight!
I’ll Teach You How Right Now!

My Soul Screaming Everynight
For It’s Hunger Of Your Affection Touch
A Waste Of Time, A Waste Of Mind
More Than This, I’ve Never Dreamt Of

Seems It Was A Lust
I Will Make You Mine

5 Responses to Lirik Thirteen – Cherry Petite Raspberry

  1. dana berkata:

    ga da chordnya ya ??

  2. Echa Valehvy elner berkata:

    nihh gw dulu sebagai mantan gitaris Guitarnya dari Drop “D” hehe!! bukanya sombong yahh!!

  3. izzet berkata:

    ane bisa gitarnya ampe akhir

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