Lirik Thirteen – Stukie Smile

Look, I Stand Alone
Step Back From Me
Before You’ve Become My Worst Nightmare

I Am The Ghost
Cause I Am Lost
Now Look At Me
Oh, There Is Just An Empty Space

For All That I Have Wasted Here Somewhere In Deep Beneath My Skin.
Reflection Calls Me From My Past. Tonight I’ll Never Be Awake.

I Thought The Real Thing Was A Fake
Another Circus Show
I Can Feel Your Eyes, I Can Sense You’re Here
You’re Watching Me!

Fall Down Into The Nothingness
I’m Priceless!

Back Off From Me
This Time I’ll Win
I’m Gonna Make You Feel
And Be The One To Blame
Now Take Your Steps
Back Into The Deepest Hell
You’ll Never Now What It Feels Like
Cause We Are Not The Same

A Thousand Times, A Thousand Times
We’re Not The Same

It Takes A While, It Takes A While
Go Tell Them

Life’s Not A Game!

I Can Show The Way
We Are Not The Same
Time To Realize
You’re Inside My Vein

I’m Here Struggling With Myself!
Fighting With Yourself!

We Believe In The Same Old Life
So Now It Ends The Way We Want
The Night Has Fall For Us To Rest
To Take This One Last Step Of Life

Are You Proud Of Your Beauty?
That Storm May Come To Touch You Too
Wait And See What Time Will Show
It Rots The Sense In The Head

Now, Rise!

No Need To Rush Those Things, Just Put A Smile On Us
This Time We’ll Take It Slow We Are One After All
Tonight We’ll Celebrate. One Last Time Of Our Self
Just Give Me Back My Name, And Celebrate Our Demise

This Is Him Speaking To You!
This Is Me Speaking To You Through Him!
That’s Not Me!


4 Responses to Lirik Thirteen – Stukie Smile

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  2. molly berkata:

    susah ni cari chordnya, ad yg bisa bantu?

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