Evouse ( Mouse Udara )

eVouse is a conceptual mouse, that can operate in two modes – as the standard mouse and also can be switched to air mode. For example, for any specific design goals, such as drawing. The control buttons and scroll wheel are made in the form of small sensory panels, LED backlight is used as feedback and reacts to each command. But, of course, the main feature of the concept is exellent design of device, as well as its ergonomics: it is perfectly placed in the hand. The author of concept is designer Marcial Ahsayane.
Namanya eVouse,, sebuah mouse dengan konsep modern, dirancang oleh Marcial Ahsayane,, Bukan desainnya saja yg keren, tp mouse ini juga dapat dipakai di udara, misal untuk menggambar (layangkan diudara),,

Sumber : http://www.harboot.com

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